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Hello! Dear visitor of my web page. You speak English and you are here? Then I might presume that you are one of my precious friends. If it is true then I don't dare to bore you with the introduction any further. You know already everything about me. Please make use of the navigation bar above and proceed to the information hidden inside.

If however you are new here and I have to address you as Sir or Madame then I should hold to the etiquette and make an official introduction. My name is Dmitry Kuznezov. The transcription of the name like in the logo picture is a child of the ill imagination of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In one's time as I applied for a Russian travel passport the Ministry still thought that the world is ruled by French language as if it has not noticed a couple of the recent wars. So it spelled my name in this horrible manner. Later this official institution switched to the Shakespeare's language but this change was obviously not a big help to its capability of mastering foreign tongues and it started writing my first name like “Dmitry”. May be they're right. How can you doubt people graduated from the best university of Moscow.

I was born and grew up in Volgograd. If you think you don't know this city and start making trivial remarks like “…Russia is very big..” you will be wrong. The former name of the city is Stalingrad. This one is for sure in the memory of many.

1994 my whole family moved to Germany and settled down in the lovely city of Stuttgart. If you don't know it either and want to stand up now in order to get an old map of Germany which you grandpa who used to be a gun-layer brought home long ago, then don't hurry. I'm sure you know it. This is where Mercedes, Porsche and Bosch come from. If you're not reach then the first two are rather hard to find in your household but the last one got to be there.

Since those days I've changed many places. Used to live in work in Germany, Great Britan, Singapore, China, Korea. However the most of the last years I had spent in Asia, which I love very much.

For the last 4 years I have been working for the great holding ThyssenKrupp Elevator helping all people who do not fancy walking up stairs get to the top quicker.

Recently my work place changed from Beijing to Seoul. So, here I am selling elevators and escalators to foreign customers again.

That's it if you may allow me to summarize.

Please proceed to the homepage content inside. Welcome!